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Concrete mixing buckets - Flexible and fast mixing on site as required

Our mixing shovels master almost all mixing processes and types of materials encountered on construction sites in record time. Thanks to our many years of practical experience and constant optimization, they save a lot of money and reduce downtime. They can be used on wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, tracked loaders or excavators. This versatility in mounting options significantly improves the utilization of your fleet. A standard protective grille, which only allows operation in the closed position, guarantees maximum safety. Our quick-change plates are screwed on, so that they can be exchanged between different machines in no time .

The hydraulic drive is made on both sides by a chain, which results in a low-wear and low-twist mixture. The power transmission is carried out on both bearings, which further reduces wear compared to conventional single-drive mixing blades.

Efficient mixing process

The material to be mixed is picked up with the mixing paddle tilted forward with the protective grid open. The mixing blade is then tilted to the horizontal position and the protective grid is closed. The mixing shaft can then be switched on from the driver's cab. At the same time, water and cement, for example, can be added in the desired quantity to the material taken out. The mixing shaft continues to operate during transport, so the material is always in motion and can be discharged directly where it is needed.

Easy emptying

To empty the mixed material, the protective grille can be opened manually or hydraulically and tilted forward. The hopper can also be emptied at any lifting height via an optional manual or hydraulic opening in the bottom of the hopper. For side emptying next to the mixing bucket, a chute can be installed under the central opening.

High mixing quality

Due to the optimal arrangement of the mixing paddles and the two central mixing wedges, the mixture is always transported to the center, which guarantees a high quality of the mixed product. The arrangement of the central mixing wedges at the top and bottom prevents the formation of nests in this area. As the mixing shaft rotates continuously, the components cannot separate from each other and the maximum material quality is fully maintained until emptying.

Fast concrete production

In just a few minutes, concrete can be produced directly at the place of use in any quantity required, up to a maximum of 1000 liters per bucket. In addition, the permanent availability of the mixing shovel makes it possible to be largely independent of ready-mixed concrete. 

Controlled safety

The protective grid, which has been tested and approved by the professional association, guarantees safe operation without compromising good maneuverability. Opening the grid activates the stop valve and the mixing shaft stops.

Flexible material adaptation

Depending on the target material, our concrete mixing buckets can be equipped with two different mixing shaft variants. On the one hand, we have the standard mixing shaft in a "spiral" design with mixing blades. Here, the material to be mixed is moved to the center and can be processed precisely at the required location via a bottom opening. The mixing shaft is suitable for dry mixes through to earth-moist material. The grain size should not be larger than 0-16 mm.

On the other hand, the other mixing shaft variant is characterized by its "paddle-like" design. By cleverly arranging the paddles or blades, we achieve a high material conversion rate. This variant is particularly suitable for liquid materials such as liquid concrete. However, dry materials can also be mixed. The paddles always shovel the material from top to bottom and vice versa. There is hardly any lateral movement here, so working with a bottom opening is not recommended. The material can be conveniently discharged and processed from the front of the previously opened protective grid. Grit sizes up to 0-32 mm pose no problem.

Standard and optional equipment

Standard equipment of the basic unit:

- Hydraulic drive on both sides

- Made of high quality fine-grained steel

- Wear strip in the middle area

- Lifetime sealing between shovel and bearing

- Mixing wedges in the middle at the top and bottom

GMS 50 - 75 mechanical:

- Mechanical protection grid

GMS 100 hydraulic:

- Hydraulic protection grid

- Hydraulic opening of the floor in the center


Additional equipment:

- Receiving plates with hoses and couplings for wheel loaders, skid steer loaders or excavators

- Manual opening mechanism at the bottom center for GMS 50 - 75     

- Hydraulic opening mechanism at the bottom center for GMS 50 - 75

- Pressure reduction valve for wheel loaders with high operating pressure

- Hydraulic protection grid for GMS 50 and GMS 75

- Channels for side discharge next to the bucket

- Fully hydraulic bottom opening and steel chute for GMS 50 - 75

- Reinforcements in the area of the receiving lugs and side walls

- Welded-on mixing shaft

- Special paintwork in RAL colors and automotive paints

- Delivery throughout Germany and internationally

All advantages at a glance

  1. Better power distribution on the mixing shaft
  2. Load distribution on the bearings
  3. Operation of the mixed shaft with few torsions
  4. Greater mixing capacity
  5. Better use of the wheel loader's power
  1. Mixing wedges at the top and bottom in the center of the shovel, resulting in better material flow = shorter mixing time
  2. No penetration into the shaft bearings and chain case, even with more liquid materials
  3. Reduced wear and costs
  4. Hardox strip in the center of the shovel

Technical data

Type:   GMS 50 GMS 75 GMS 100
Useful volume Liter 500 750 1000
Tipping load of the wheel loader kg 1800 2600 3500
Total width mm 1870 2200 2420
Inside width mm 1500 1800 2000
Horizontal height mm 950 1100 1175
Weight kg 700 830 1250
Oil pressure bar 175 200 200
Oil quantity Liter 60 60 starting at 100

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