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About us

Welcome to GÖDDE Maschinenbau GmbH

Who we are ...

... and what we do!

Who we are:

The history of Gödde Maschinenbau GmbH dates back to 1948. At that time Ernst Schrader and Hermann Gödde founded the company Schrader & Gödde Lingen.

In 1968 the gentlemen separated and the company Gödde Maschinenbau was founded in Lingen.

The Schrader & Gödde company and later the Gödde company manufactured, among other things, mowing boats for pond and water management. The development and construction of hand mowers for water management was added in the 1980s. It was precisely for these applications that extremely heavy-duty machines with a greater reach than traditional road machines were produced. In this context, we had to meet the high demand and decided to entrust the distribution to MULAG in Oppenau. We have had a long-standing partnership for 30 years now. MULAG has been responsible for the distribution of our mowers since 2006.

Other departments now produce accessories for construction machines (concrete shovels, stump milling machines, tool rotation devices, cutting baskets, flail heads) and trenchers.

We can also call on a number of distribution partnerships in the field of accessories, in order to provide customers with other work tools in the best possible way and according to their needs.

The team of the owners, Bernhard and Hermann-Josef Gödde, has 30 employees today.



What we do:

We are a manufacturer of mowers, trenchers and accessories for construction machines and are therefore represented in the market with a wide range of products. Our customers include both municipalities and associations, as well as gardeners and landscapers or road, civil and structural engineers.

 Here are our products in detail...

  • Mowers

Here we can rely on a long-standing business relationship with the company MULAG in Oppenau, which takes over the sale of the devices for us. We are the manufacturer and produce 3 types:

  • Front mowers
  • Mid-mounted mowers
  • Rear mowers

3x GHA 700 sur un 5er Fendt

3x GHA 700 on a 5er Fendt for Switzerland


  • Concrete shovels

Manufactures concrete shovels for flexible on-site mixing,which can be attached to a wide variety of wheel loaders and telescopic handlers. We offer 4 different types here:

  • GMS 25 with a useful volume of 250 liters
  • GMS 50 with a useful volume of 500 liters
  • GMS 75 with a useful volume of 750 liters 
  • GMS 100 with a useful volume of 1000 liters

4x GMS 50 pour une entreprise paysagiste à Brême

4x GMS 50 for a large gala construction company in Hamburg


  • Griffy type pruning shears

We have a long-standing business partnership with the Hans Habbig company and sell the Cut Griffy on their behalf. Equipped with a pivoting mechanism, the Cut Griffy can be used very flexibly and ensures a clean cutting pattern with the curved knives. We currently sell 6 types:

With 1 holding clamp and holding bracket

  • HS 650 with and without swivel mechanism
  • HS 760 with and without swivel mechanism
  • HS 850 with and without swivel mechanism

HS 760 SE

HS 760 without swivel mechanism

With 2 holding clamps

  • HS 860/865/865+ with and without swivel mechanism
  • HS 950 with and without swivel mechanism
  • HS 960 with and without swivel mechanism

HS 960 SE

HS 960 SE with swivel mechanism and Lehnhoff shovel handle


  • Milling of stumps

After the pruning, comes the milling. If you want to remove tree stumps at ground level, our stump milling machine is your ideal partner. To meet the needs of the market, we manufacture 3 different sizes:

  • STF 500 with milling wheel diameter 500mm
  • STF 700 with milling wheel diameter 700mm
  • STF 900 with milling wheel diameter 900mm

STF 900

STF 900 with scorned excavator pickup


  • Tool rotation devices

We offer you our tool rotation device to turn your work tool to the left and to the right. It can be turned until it is limited only by the hydraulic hoses of the work tool. It can be mounted on excavators and boom mowers. We manufacture 4 different types:

  • WD S 05
  • WD S 10
  • WD S 20
  • WD S 40

Tool rotation device mounted on the FAE crusher. The support of the excavator is fixed by pins above.


  • Mowing baskets

Our mowing baskets help you to clean ditches successfully. Depending on the working width of the mowing basket, you can transport and deposit different amounts of mowing waste. We offer a "mini" and a "heavy" version:

  • GMK 160 mini
  • GMK 200 mini
  • GMK 250 mini
  • GMK 300 mini

GMK in mini version for rear mounted mowers

  • Norme GMK 200
  • Norme GMK 250
  • Norme GMK 300
  • Norme GMK 400
  • Norme GMK 440
  • Norme GMK 500
  • Norme GMK 550

Heavy version GMK with tool rotation device for excavator mounting


And finally...

The above mentioned products are only a few of our complete product range. Do not hesitate to contact us and together we will create solutions that will satisfy you. We thank you for your interest and wish you a pleasant visit to our website.

Your GÖDDE Team


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